Are The Philadelphia Eagles The Real Deal? Pros And Cons From Sunday’s Game Against Tennessee

by Ray Habib

Have the Philadelphia Eagles proven themselves to be true contenders?

The SQ College Football Playoff Panel: A Crowd of Contenders

by William McFadden

Find out what the SQ College Football Playoff Panel has to say about another crazy weekend in college football.

The Ultimate NBA Fan Sanity Test

by Reuben Hampton

Everybody has a screw loose somewhere, some just have more than others

Early Observations Of The NBA’s Eastern Conference

by Jaquam Bodden

An early look at how some of the Eastern Conference teams have fared in this young season.

The NFL Loaded Thanksgiving With Meaningful Games: Previewing Thursday’s Contests

by Ryan Neu

All three match-ups Thursday have playoff implications. What will happen?

Ivy League Athletics: Change The Recruiting Standards

by Justin Kelly

Is there a way to make the Ivy League play more like the SEC?

Marouane Fellaini’s Renaissance At Manchester United

by Max Holm

The man who many wanted sold in the summer has been one his team’s best players.

NBA Fantasy Focus: Can These Overachievers Keep It Up?

by Dominic Kearns

These five fantasy studs are exceeding preseason expectations.

For The Los Angeles Clippers, The Time Is Now

by Sam Lachow

It’s time for the Clippers to ascend to the next level.

Fear The North And The Toronto Raptors

by Max Holm

The East’s best team isn’t looking like either Cleveland or Chicago.

Back To Basics: What’s Wrong At Liverpool And How To Fix It

by Jake Walerius

Liverpool’s loss at Crystal Palace on Sunday was its third in a row. What’s going wrong and how can Brendan Rodger’s fix it?
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