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The Inside Scoop on Miles Cartwright’s Workout with the Los Angeles Lakers

Earlier today, former Penn guard Miles Cartwright worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers. We got the inside scoop:


How did the Lakers contact you about the workout and what was your reaction?

The Lakers contacted my agents, Toby Bailey and Mitch Butler, so they passed the news along to me. I was ecstatic– speechless. It was unbelievable at first, but I am so grateful that the Lakers gave me the opportunity to show what I can do.

How special was it to have the workout with the Lakers, considering you group up in Cali?

It was a true blessing. Regardless of what team it was, I was so happy to just get an opportunity; but for it to be the Lakers, my hometown team, was something out of a dream.

How did your level of excitement and nervousness for the workout compare to a big-time game at the Palestra?

Playing in the Palestra always gave me chills, but nothing can compare to this feeling. I have been working almost 20 years just to be able to have this opportunity. It is truly a blessing.

In NBA Circles, what sort of reputation do you think being from the Ivy League has?

I think with how Jeremy Lin is playing, people are starting to respect the league more as a whole. It will take more players to continue that trend, but with so much talent in the Ivy League now, I expect many more guys to receive more professional basketball opportunities.

Take us inside an NBA workout. How long are you there? What do you actually have to to do? Who are you working out in front of?

We were there for about four hours. The workout started out with a lot of measurement and agility testing, then we spent another two and a half hours running through basketball and game situation drills. The whole organization was present. From Mitch Kupchak all the way down.

What was the biggest surprise about the process?

The biggest surprise was that I got the call to workout, to be completely honestly.

What are your plans for after the draft if your name isn’t called?

Nothing will really change. I will continue to improve my skills and get stronger. I hope and pray that my  name will be called, but I expect to be playing overseas next year. My dream, however, has always been to play in the NBA so I will continue to work to fulfill my aspiration.

You’re face-to-face with Mitch Kupchack. You have one sentence to convince him to draft you. Give it to us.

Please, please, please draft me! haha.

Regardless, I would just like to thank the whole organization for bringing me in and giving me the opportunity to workout for them. Whatever happens from this point, I am just blessed to be able to say I worked out for an NBA team, especially the team in my hometown.

Thanks Miles

Thanks Zack!

You can follow Miles on Twitter at @_mjc0, and The Sports Quotient at @SportsQuotient

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