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Really smart for both teams, give your young quarterback with weapons like the Rams and Eagles did last season

-Kevin Luo on the Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins signings

Kanter and Noah is the all dead money front court 

-John Ray on the Knicks side of the Melo trade

Pretty sure this was almost strictly because of Stevens. There’s something special about someone who believed in you when no one else did. 

-Kevin Luo on Gordon Hayward going to Boston

I hope the Knicks are throwing a max contract at a new team doctor. Their starting five will have Noah, Melo, Rose, and Eric Gordon. I honestly think Phil thinks you can just turn off injuries like in NBA 2K.

-Kevin Luo on the injury history of the Knicks players

I’m giving the Cavaliers a shot. People forget that Kevin Love has never lost a playoff game in the United States.”

-Kevin Luo on 2016 NBA Finals

I don’t equate not being as efficient to being not very good without putting it in context. AI was the person entire defensive game plans were built around, much like Dikembe was the player coaches devised plans to avoid when on offense.

-Robert Hess on Allen Iverson's importance to the Sixers despite being a relatively inefficient scorer

Buddy Hield (31.5 points per game on 45% three-point shooting) is taking full advantage of all the NBA prospects getting knocked out early.

-Max Holm on Lottery picks in the NCAA Tournament

Melo’s attitude with regards to Porzingis has warmed me up to him a lot, especially since his game has positively changed with it.

-Teddy Chassin on Carmelo Anthony's transformation

After updating my rankings based on Pythagorean expectation, Seattle jumped to #1 heading into the playoffs.

-Miller Mrosek on NFL's Best Teams

Is it too early to say that Brady is the favorite for MVP?

-David Street on early season NFL predictions

If Kari Lehtonen plays well, they’ll be a playoff threat. Their division is stacked though so it’s not enough to be pretty good. Their offense is going to be great and Oduya is a big boost on defense but Lehtonen was bad last year. It all hinges on him.

-Luke Hoban on Goaltender Kari Lehtonen's impact on the Dallas Stars

I dont think the Broncos should commit so heavily to Thomas when they have so many other young pieces

-Jay Anand on the Broncos contract negotiations with Demaryius Thomas

I’d be very, very surprised if they don’t go at least 8-8. The only problem is they have a very difficult schedule. I’d project them at 9-7, but 10 is certainly within reach.

-Miller Mrosek on the Vikings' chances this upcoming season

I would be shocked if [Ruben] Amaro is still the [Phillies] GM in October.

-TJ McNulty on the Phillies' Front Office

Anthony Davis will attempt at least 1.5 three-pointers per-36 next season

-Leutrim Rexhaj on Alvin Gentry's plans for AD and the Pelicans next year

For the Yanks [trading for Tulowitzki] makes sense, but it would make more sense for them to spend those prospects on pitching.

-Jeremy Losak on Troy Tulowitzki hitting the trade block

It’s absurd that the Red Sox fired their pitching coach. Maybe give him some talent to coach.

-TJ McNulty on the Red Sox firing Juan Nieves

We will all look back and wonder how Grady Jarrett lasted this long

-Miller Mrosek on steals in the 2015 NFL Draft

[The Mets] have their work cut out for them to make the playoffs because of the Nationals and the super crowded wild card race.

-Mark Paraskevas on the Mets' playoff chances

Eagles desperately need a safety. If they don’t trade up you have to think Collins is at the top of their board

-Luke Hoban on Chip Kelly's plans for the NFL Draft