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I actually like what the Twins are doing. Smart teams are hoarding hitting prospects. Let the hitters mature and then find the pitching.

-TJ McNulty on developing successful rosters

The McCoy trade was excellent for Philly, but this [Murray] move just seems to be negating it

-Douglas Dolitsky on the Eagles' recent offseason moves

[The Blue Jays] look best on paper to me. Let’s see if they can put it all together.

-TJ McNulty on the AL East outlook

It’s commendable that [Josh Hamilton] self reported the issue and admitted to the relapse. Hopefully he can keep his life together; baseball is secondary at this point.

-TJ McNulty on Josh Hamilton admitting to relapse

15M for a QB is a steal these days. Wilson and Luck probably getting 20M per year

-David Lloyd on the impending extensions for QBs this offseason

Speeding up the game would be tough. Aside from shortening the game length, only marginal changes can be made. The way to improve baseball is through the way it is presented.

-TJ McNulty on proposed use of a pitch clock to speed up MLB gameplay

One of Damian Lillard or Boogie Cousins will not make the Western Conference All-Stars, but both could’ve started in the East.

-Leutrim Rexhaj on the talent disparity between the NBA's conferences

First round pick, $500,000 fine, and Belichick banned from the league and the Hall of Fame. I don’t think he’ll be suspended. But that would be the right thing to do. Cheaters need to be held accountable

-Joshua Connelly on what the Patriots Deflategate punishment should be

I think Alexi Ramirez would have been a solid option for what [the Mets] need right now. He’s always been a high average hitter and a solid defender. I know he’s a little older but they could have signed him to a two or three year deal.

-Michael Lennon on the Mets' shortstop questions

I think Seahawks-Colts is the least likely matchup

-Ryan Dickey on who will square off in Super Bowl XLIV

[The Braves received] a pretty strong return for a one-dimensional player.

-Nick Cicere on the Astros' trade for Evan Gattis

Billy King’s job security is officially on the clock

-Sam Lachow on Mikhail Prokhorov is ready to sell the Nets, is anybody's job safe?

Part of the reason I think Mariota is the fit is that TB’s offensive line is terrible. With him, you can move the pocket and improvise. They also don’t run the ball well. If you run the read option, you help your running backs. Finally, the best way to help average arm strength is big physical receivers who can go up and get a contested throw that’s a little short. Luckily TB has two of them.

-Ryan Dickey on Why Marcus Mariota would be a better fit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers than Jameis Winston

It’s a lose-lose situation for the Bucs. If they draft either Winston or Mariota, people will make fun of them for drafting a “future bust”. But if they don’t draft either of them, people will say “Wow Bucs. You finally had an opportunity to get a franchise QB and you pass it up.” Ugh

-David Street on the Buc's situation with the #1 pick

If NFL scouts overlooked Ezekiel Elliott before, there’s no way they can now. Huge final three games will cause his draft stock to skyrocket.

-Peter Hess on Ezekiel Elliott's dominance in the National Championship game

I generally love taking underdogs but I’m taking none this week. The Packers had the same record, a higher scoring differential, and finished the season better than the Cowboys

-Douglas Dolitsky on the Cowboys' chances of pulling an upset

The system needs to be adjusted, as it’s painfully flawed. The guys who get in deserve it for sure. However, some who don’t, or don’t even get 5%, are seriously snubbed because of ballot politics, personal vendettas against certain players, ridiculous suspicions, or displacement by those newly eligible. Some changes need to be made without a doubt.

-Jake Eisenberg on MLB Hall of Fame balloting

He is kind of an afterthought when it comes to top goalies but without him, the Caps would be nothing this year. He is having an incredible year.

-Zachary Astran on Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby's "quiet" season.

Even if Bell is unable to play against the Ravens, the Steelers have been playing excellent football as of late and should be able to replace some of Bell’s dynamism out of the backfield with the signing of Ben Tate. Without Bell, the Steelers just barely advance, but with Bell the Steelers are Super Bowl contenders.

-Peter Hess on the Pittsburgh Steelers' running back situation without Le'Veon Bell.

Cowboys will win with Suh suspended

-Miller Mrosek on NFL Wildcard Weekend