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Why MLB’s Instant Replay, And Not The Intentional Walk, Should Be Altered

by Coleman Gray

Major League Baseball might soon be doing away with the intentional walk to speed up the game, but they should be more worried about instant replay.

Joey Bats Didn’t Get $150 Million

by Reuben Hampton

At least he got more than the qualifying offer.

Odd Man Out: Where Trevor Brown Fits With The San Francisco Giants

by Bobby Murray

Giants’ catcher Trevor Brown is out of a job after the team signed Nick Hundley. Does he still have a future with the team?

Could The Colorado Rockies Be Good In 2017?

by Bobby Murray

The Colorado Rockies have gone seven years without a winning season, but after some careful drafts and signings, win #82 might finally be in reach.

How To Make The Detroit Tigers Competitive: Throw More Money At The Problem

by Jeremy Losak

Many have called for the Tigers to begin a rebuild, but that may be a mistake. Why the Tigers best strategy may be to go for gold.

The Past Week’s Free Agency Signings

by David Kaptzan

Keep up to date on the MLB free agency market with SQ.

Chicago’s Curse Is Broken: What’s Next?

by Seth Greenberg

Three things Theo Epstein & Co. will address this offseason that could affect their plans for the future.

Exit Interview: Toronto Blue Jays

by Ryan Wolfson

What can the Blue Jays reflect on and look forward to in 2017?

The Cubs Dynasty (Yes, Dynasty) Is Just Getting Started

by Ryan Neu

The Cubs overcame a 3-1 series deficit to claim their first World Series title since 1908, and now a dynasty is brewing on the North Side of Chicago.

Exit Interview: Texas Rangers

by Shailyn Tirado

What can the Texas Rangers reflect on, improve on, and look forward to in 2017?

The Ascension Of Corey Kluber

by Ryan Neu

Corey Kluber’s ascension to the Major League elite came in the face of detractors who saw him as nothing more than a back-end starter.

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