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Brian Cashman: Break Out The Pitchforks

Photo Credit: Yankee Analysts

In a league where coaches and GMs are often held to the mantra “what have you done for me lately,” Brian Cashman’s seat should be getting hot right about now. He recently made headlines for stating in an on-record interview that Alex Rodriguez should “shut the f@&k up” in response to Rodriguez sending a tweet and an accompanying photo about how excited he was to be making progress with his rehab. Previously Cashman’s mishaps had been for the most part been contained to abysmal personnel decisions, but his public faux pas has drawn the ire of A-Rod and the front office. It would be one thing if Cashman had a track record of success, but over the past decade he’s been known much more for signing players to overpriced contracts that don’t pan out than winning ball games.

Since 2003 the Bronx Bombers have consistently made the playoffs with one World Series to show for it, and for all but one season have posted a good record. They have done all of this, however, in spite of Cashman who has done his best to sabotage the team by bloating the payroll with aging has-beens. Hideki Irabu, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, Javier Vazquez (twice), Kei Igawa, A.J. Burnett, Curtis Granderson; the list goes on. Even Rodriguez despite having an amazing career is clearly being paid way too much money and with Sabathia they are just barely breaking even in terms of WAR obtained for dollars spent. With A-Rod out you’d at least hope that Granderson and Mark Teixeira could give the team some type of return on investment, but as it stands they are replacement level players at best. Even the team’s record this year (currently they are 8 games over .500) is all smoke and mirrors because they have a run differential of 0!

Cashman supporters will point to the team’s World Series rings and regular season wins as proof of his competency. In reality, Cashman inherited the team that won most of those rings, and has managed to keep the team competitive despite his poor personnel decisions because of the team’s seemingly bottomless wallet. New York would be much better-served to find someone who wastes even half as much money as Cashman does, and who has a tame enough ego that they don’t spend tons of money on players who don’t justify that level of compensation. At the very least you’d expect Cashman to keep his mouth shut while he’s sinking the Yankees’ ship, but these days it appears he can’t even do that anymore.

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