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Have The San Diego Padres Done Enough To Win The NL West?


Do the Padres have what it takes to go from third to first in the NL West?

In an already chaotic offseason, the San Diego Padres have made it clear that they are ready to win. Last year the Padres finished with the second worst road record in baseball, behind only the Colorado Rockies. The Padres finished third to last in home runs, last in RBIs, last in runs scored, and last in OPS. Essentially, the Padres were the worst offensive team in baseball, and it wasn’t really close. PETCO Park factors into that a little bit, but the fact that they went 48-33 at home means the large field was used to their advantage. 

Clearly the offense was bad, but how did the pitching do? In 2014, the Padres staff allowed the fourth fewest runs in baseball, the fourth fewest HRs, and had the seventh lowest opponent batting average against. Again, PETCO Park helps with these numbers, but by and large the Padres pitching staff did quite well in 2014.

Because of the need for offensive production, the Padres have made plenty of moves to improve their hitting. Already, the Padres have put together an entire new outfield of Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, and Justin Upton; they also made the key addition of Will Middlebrooks in their infield. Through these acquisitions, the Padres lost very few good prospects and kept their pitching staff intact. San Diego has acquired an offense that actually has a chance to make an impact.

If the newly acquired players perform to their potential, the Padres very well may win the NL West. The Los Angeles Dodgers have lost key offensive players like Kemp and Hanley Ramirez. The Giants lost Pablo Sandoval, but gain back Matt Cain. If the Rockies acquire starting pitching like they have been trying to this offseason, they may pose a challenge along the way. The Diamondbacks were the worst team in baseball last season but do have a chance to be better this year if they can stay healthy.

In order to win the NL West, the Padres must stay healthy and their players must perform at a high level for the entire season. With that being said, the Giants and Dodgers are going to be difficult to overtake in the West. With the Padres on the rise, the NL West may be the best division in baseball next year.

Edited by Sam Wittenstein.

What was the Padres' team average in 2014?
Created 12/29/14
  1. .200
  2. .213
  3. .226
  4. .238

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