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MLB Q: Will Ryan Braun ever be a Top 5 Overall pick again?

If it's an NL only league? Yes. Top Overall, it's highly unlikely. He's still got some pop left in that bat (.214 ISO is good) but he doesn't run much anymore and as he approaches the wrong side of 30, you have to worry about durability being a concern. His plate discipline has also been slipping the past two seasons, and even if he rebounds it won't be pre-2013 Braun.

Don't get me wrong here, an OF who gets me 25/15 with a .300 average is certainly valuable, but it's not nearly as good as a 30/30 player at  third base where power and speed are a much more valuable commodity. Just don't expect him to be better than a Top 5 OF, closer to a Top 10 OF going forward.

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