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MLB Q: Would Josh Donaldson's fantasy value go up significantly since he was traded to the Blue Jays?

The short answer here is yes.

Rogers Centre ranked 3rd in home run park factor (1.31) in 2014, while the Oakland Coliseum ranked 21st at (.903), and 2013 was a similar story. Additionally Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium, and Fenway Park are all hitter friendly, where as Safeco field and Angel's stadium, where Donaldson played division games last year, were pitcher friendly. Combine that with Donaldson's home/road splits that saw him post a .874 OPS on the road and a depressed BABIP of .278, and you're looking at a much-improved player from a fantasy perspective. 

Given the lineup he'll be a part of, 35+ HR and 115+ RBI would be a perfectly reasonable expectation for the Blue Jays new slugger. He'll see more pitches to hit and will have more players on base in front of him. For a 5x5 standard league, he should be on of the first two third basemen drafted. 

Answered by: Reuben Hampton
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