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Rappers on Baseball Cards

The Internet did it again. This mashup of rappers as legendary Hall of Fame baseball players is quality work. What more opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum than rap stars and baseball legends. Lets take a look at some of the best, straight out of Cooperstown.

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Lil Wade Boggs, this legend is known for his ability to look tougher than he is, yet, could still steal your girl with one-liners that we’re still scratching our heads to understand.

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The King of Hip Hop. When he was on top, he was a giant in the game for winning multiple World Series in the Bronx. He didn’t end his reign necessarily on his terms, but still a legend all the same.

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Most wins of any manager.  But with the wins come the losses, so he also holds the records for most Ls. He’ll let you finish your list for best manager, but he’s the greatest of all-time, just ask him.

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Just an overall great player. Nicknamed “The Ignitor” because he is constantly putting out fire on the tracks, he is as confident as they come.

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He’s as contrete as the jungle of New York. This 8-time World Series Champion can do no wrong. Always producing even at a later age.    

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Where to start with this guy? Simply unstoppable when he was on the track. He got what he wanted; so good at his craft he’d simply steal the show.

Shady. He’d hit you with a fastball, slow it down with a changeup, then pick it back up, but oh wait … that was a slider. Master of the words he was throwing, constantly putting you on your toes. 

Whoever made this deserves an applause. One of the funnier things on the Internet right now if you’re a sports fan. Here is the full list.

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