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This Is The Most Worthy GoFundMe That I Have Ever Seen

Yesterday, I saw what was probably the best field rush I have ever seen. Hands down. Not only did this guy outrun security, but he was able to do so while taking a selfie video the entire way. This is the kind of stuff legends are made of, and it was all because he lost a bet.

Here’s a few more angles of the legendary run and wall climb:

@WeLoveRobDyrdek: He climbed the fence to escape 😂😂😂😂😂”seems like a pretty cool guy

— Justin Buchanan (@justin_buchanan) July 23, 2015

@justin_buchanan @WeLoveRobDyrdek here’s the view I saw of you running up!

— Donney-Not Donney (@NDD_ESQUIRE) July 23, 2015

Somehow, Justin was able to make it out of the stadium without being caught. However, after a news interview and bounty that went out for his arrest, Justin decided it was the right thing to do, and turned himself in. Bravo, Justin. 

His mom made it clear prior to the field rush that if he gets in trouble that the money is coming straight out of his new car fund. After awaiting his consequences, he was hit with a charge of criminal trespassing in a professional sports event and a hefty fine.

Justin and his friends had a better idea, and that was to make a GoFundMe and try to raise some money.

Justin already made it clear that any cent over the $8,000 goal will be donated to a charity. He has little step sisters who are disabled and will be donating to help the cause.

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You’re not going to run into a more worthy GoFundMe if you’re a sports fan. Come on, guys, help Justin out.

Also, if any of you guys are lawyers out there, I’m sure he’s looking for a lawyer right about now, so this might be a good time to get your pro bono work in and build up some good karma.

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