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SQ Exclusive Interview with Josh Rawitch, Arizona Diamondbacks’ Senior VP of Communications

D’Backs Senior VP of Communications opens up about Vin Scully, Phoenix, an exciting young D’Backs squad, and much more.

Two weeks ago, I went to a Diamondback game with members of the Sports Law and Entertainment Society at Arizona State University’s School of Law. Before the game, three members of the D-backs front office spoke with our group. Josh Rawitch was one of the three, and he generously allowed me to schedule an interview with him at a later date.

Rawitch has served as the Senior Vice President of Communications for the D’Backs for four years now, but he started his professional career in 1995 by working in the Advertising and Special Management divisions with the Dodgers’ organization. After leaving the Dodgers front office to work with MLB Advanced Media as a beat reporter for the Dodgers (2001) and Giants (2002), Rawitch returned to oversee their broadcasting and community outreach departments. 

He eventually became the Dodgers’ Vice President of Communications, but soon, David Hall, a longtime friend and current D-backs president and CEO, recruited him to join the Diamondbacks organization and oversee the franchise’s public relations and communications operations following the 2011 regular season. This career opportunity was too fantastic to reject, so the lifelong SoCal native moved to Phoenix and embraced his new challenge.  

Rawitch accomplished all these things before reaching the age of 40, and he figures to have a prominent role in the Diamondbacks front office for years to come. Despite earning a lifetime of career success, my interviewee still came across as an incredibly humble and earnest man.

Rawitch really opened up with genuine answers in our 10-minute chat, so definitely check it out! He tells stories about his time with the Dodgers, explains the reasoning behind his move to Arizona, expresses excitement about the future of the youthful D-backs ballclub,  and gives advice to young people considering careers in the sports industry.

Again, major thanks go to Josh and the entire Diamondback organization for helping me make this happen. Enjoy the interview!

Edited by Joe Sparacio.

Which famous couple owned the Dodgers in 2011 when Rawitch left the Dodger organization?
Created 9/23/15
  1. Jim and Jeanie Buss
  2. Frank and Jamie McCourt
  3. The O'Malleys
  4. The Krafts

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