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You Should Be the Judge of This

Aaron Judge, outfielder for the New York Yankees, donned a pair of Clark Kent glasses and a suit and pretended to be a sportscaster for a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the segment, he asked fans how they felt about Aaron Judge. All of them said they had high hopes for the already fantastic newcomer. 

One fan said they loved Adam Judge, and another guessed he benched about 400 pounds to which Judge said, “You’re right, you’re right.”

There were many laughs in this 3 minute and 30 second segment, but the best part is when Judge pulls up the cover of the next Sports Illustrated that he just so happens to be on and places it closely to his face. One fan in particular seems to notice the similarities right away and starts shifting his eyes from cover to face and back again. In this moment of revelation, the fan’s eye become huge, and he is awestruck. The conversation that follows is hilarious.

I’ll let you be the judge of just how great this segment really is, but I think I already know what you’ll say (It’s really great!)

Judge may be a rookie, but his skill set is matched by his sense of humor, and I think we are going to see great things ahead for this New Yorker.

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