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Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar Suspended Two Games For Anti-Gay Slur

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Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar has been suspended two games for an incident during Wednesday’s matchup against the Atlanta Braves in which Pillar shouted a homophobic remark toward Braves pitcher Jason Motte.

During the seventh inning, Pillar became angry with Motte after striking out to end the inning, and accusing him of quick-pitching him. 

After being suspended by the organization, Pillar released an apology via twitter:

The Blue Jays twitter account also provided a statement on the organization’s behalf:

Pillar’s two game suspension will leave him without pay, and his earnings during those two games will be donated, but it is still unclear to what organization the Blue Jays will contribute it to. 

After an all-around intense game on Wednesday, Toronto will face the Braves again Thursday evening without their starting center fielder. 

Our Take
Ross Burkhart
Junior Reporter, General NBA Reporter

I do like the idea of the Blue Jays donating Pillar’s salary rather than just docking his pay for the two games. As for their play, with the club already struggling to make way in the AL East, Pillar’s absence may not make much of a difference for the team.

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