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Bobbleheads Tell All

The sports world already knows the story of the Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland brawl on the field during Monday’s game at AT&T Park, but this isn’t about the actual fight; this is about the greatest reenactment of the fight, and it all has to do with bobbleheads. That’s right, BOBBLEHEADS.

The Twitter account by the name of Bobblehouse made a bobblehead version of the fight complete with some miniatures staring each other in the face, and some toppled over each other. While the scene of the fight is awesome, the greatest part is that of the placement of Giants’ catcher, Buster Posey. Seen in his crouching stance, Posey is placed behind home plate, FAR away from the fight just as he was in the real version of what took place during the game.

The jokes have been firing away about Posey’s participation, or rather, lack of participation in the fight as seen in these tweets:

While these are hilarious, I’d say Bobblehouse takes the cake with the subtle, yet not so subtle, jab to Posey. I’m thinking of proclaiming Monday as a national holiday. Maybe call it the day of no-mosey Posey? Posey poses at a stand still? Meh, it is a work in progress, I’ll have to bobble with the idea a bit more.

Okay, no more puns or trying to rhyme.

I just really loved this bobblehead scene and thought I’d chime.

Okay, that was really awful. I’m done.

As of now, the consequences of the fight have been given to the two athletes as game suspensions, reported here.

Here’s to seeing what happens next in the saga of Harper and Strickland.

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