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Judge Sets Strikeout Record As Yankees Defeat Red Sox

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New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge set a single season record for most consecutive games with a strikeout during the team’s 4-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox Saturday night at Fenway Park.

With a strikeout at the hands of Red Sox ace Chris Sale in the top of the fifth inning, Judge made it 36 straight games with a K, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

The rookie finished Saturday’s game with three strikeouts, which puts him at 166 for the season. That number puts him at third for the most in a season in the Yankees’ storied history.

Also with multiple K’s in the game, Judge now has thirteen games with at least two strikeouts for the season, which is tied for the most by a Yankees player since 1920. 

Our Take

Aaron Judge is the classic example of what baseball has become these days. Most of the hitters are all about the home run, which means it will be feast or famine at the plate. It’s going to be a home run or a strikeout, and this trend will continue as long as hitters try to master the art of the uppercut swing, which is designed to lift the ball on contact. The crazy thing is Judge is actually hitting .285. If that average comes up to around .300, that’s a scary thought for the rest of the league.

Jeremy Losak
Editor in Chief

Sure but he did have a batting average of over .300 for most of the season and it WAS SCARY. Of course, that was sustained by an unbelievably high BABIP and an even more unbelievably high HR/FB%. We know the power is there, and the exit velocity speaks for itself, but we also know that Judge strikes out A LOT. We saw it last year during Judge’s cup of tea in the Majors, we saw him strike out plenty during the first half of the season, and now we’re seeing teams adjust to Judge and mostly dominate him.

That’s the thing Jeremy, pitchers are making adjustments. I remember having a conversation about Bryce Harper with my friend, and I told him his average could go from .270 or .275 to around .315 or .320 if he could become more patient and go opposite field more. Sure enough, Harper’s hitting .326. I think the same can happen for Judge if he shows more patience. It could be Barry Bonds status, where he draws walks just because, if that patience comes.

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