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Bachelor Party Bros Dressed Up As Magnum P.I. Thrown Out Of Tigers Game

I was asked by a friend recently about what I wanted my future bachelor party to be like. At first, I couldn’t really think of anything and said that I wasn’t really a bachelor party kind of guy. A group of bros celebrating their friend’s bachelor party at a Detroit Tigers game might have me changing my tune.

This group of 45 guys went to the Tigers game a few nights ago dressed as Magnum P.I. and it was incredible.

via: Joe Tuccini

These bros getting dressed up as a bunch of Tom Selleck’s was plenty funny on it’s own but them getting thrown out of the game was also quite humorous. Apparently, they were asked to leave because they were “catcalling” although they deny these allegations. All in all, I’m sure this will be a night that this future husband won’t forget.

Like I said, I’m not sure if I see myself having a bachelor party but if my buddies say, “Hey, let’s go to a game dressed as famous 80’s characters”, I probably won’t say no.

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