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Big Papi’s Reaction To JBJ’s Grand Slam Is Priceless

The Red Sox beat the Astros Tuesday night 8-2, in what was a close game until the 8th inning, thanks to Jackie Bradley Jr., who belted a grand slam to put the nail in the coffin.

Former Red Sox slugger, current Fox Sports analyst, and forever most likeable person in the world, David Ortiz, just couldn’t control himself when he witnessed it.

You love to see the unbiased reaction here from Papi. He knows now that he’s an analyst he can’t be clearly rooting for one team… oh wait, never mind. 

I’m not sure he realizes he’s not on the team anymore. Maybe someone should tell him. He probably wishes he was still hitting homers of his own. 

This man is an absolute treasure and he should be cherished. Never change, David.

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