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Jason Varitek Still Hates Alex Rodriguez

It’s been 14 years since the infamous fight between Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez, and it seems like the Red Sox catcher is still not over it. Here’s the 2004 incident.

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After the Red Sox won the World Series this past Sunday, Varitek came over to where Big Papi and A-Rod were sitting doing the postgame show, and things got a little awkward.

That has to be one of the most awkward moments on live television in a while. You could feel the tension in the air between these two. A-Rod’s little shrug at the end just makes the video. The Red Sox - Yankees rivalry is REAL, and these two players still feel it even after 14 years. 

Then Varitek sits right next to A-Rod, something I never thought would occur in my lifetime.

Don’t punch me.” “Okay.” Varitek didn’t even crack a smile. I think A-Rod is still a little scared of him, and that just makes me so happy. There is no better rivalry in sports and this is proof.

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