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Miami Marlins Rebrand, Again


The Miami Marlins are once again rebranding, with hopes of changing a dismal culture that has plagued them for the past decade.  They had recently changed from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins back in 2012 under, then owner, Jeffrey Loria.

The change this time around, is just a cosmetic one, as they update their logo and colors.  The Marlins have decided to remove the orange and adopt a black, blue, gray and red color scheme which is said to represent the cultural flags down in South Beach.

New owner, Derek Jeter referenced the fans in this cosmetic change as he attempts to “capture the energy and diversity” of Vice City.  Additionally, they’ve removed the home run sculpture in left center as it will now be a patio for fans to stand and watch the game.

He will hope this will springboard a franchise mired in ineptitude for quite some time.  The Marlins finished dead last in the National League, this past season, with a 63-98 record.

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