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Jose Altuve’s Awkward Encounter With President Donald Trump

The Houston Astros, the reigning World Series champions, got to visit the White House yesterday. During his speech, President Donald Trump pointed out what a remarkable season Jose Altuve had in 2017. Things then got a bit awkward between President Trump and Altuve, but nothing too bad. Check out the video above.

Later on though, things between President Trump and Altuve would get much more awkward. After President Trump finished his speech, he began shaking hands with some of the Astros. However, President Trump noticeably skipped Altuve. Take a look at the video below.

I’m not sure if President Trump skipped Altuve on purpose, but I do know that at times during the speech, Altuve looked like he was trying to stare a hole through the President.

Based off of that photo, the biggest takeaway from the Astros’ visit to the White House may be that you don’t want to get into a staring contest with Altuve. With that being said, I think Alutve has got some work to do if he thinks he can outdo Andre Ethier.

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