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The Red Sox - Yankees Rivalry Is Back

The Red Sox and Yankees are playing their first series of the year, and it’s already exciting. The Sox stomped on the Yankees 14-1 Tuesday and the Yanks responded with a 10-7 win Wednesday.

Wednesday’s game was an exciting one to say the least, with a lot of offense from both sides and a couple fights. Yes, you heard me right: fights.

In the 3rd inning, Yankees’ Tyler Austin had a questionable slide into second base where he cleated Red Sox’ Brock Holt. The benches cleared, but not much happened.

Then, in the 7th inning, Joe Kelly drilled Austin with a 98 mph fastball. Austin proceeded to charge the mound and the benches promptly cleared for a second time. Take a look.

Wow, this just makes me so happy. The rivalry is BACK baby, and this time it’s for real. The Sox and the Yanks are actually both very good this year, and will likely be battling for the AL East all season. And they actually genuinely don’t like each other. Austin cleated Holt, and Kelly didn’t like that so he drilled Austin: an appropriate response. 

Now watch Kelly invite Austin up to the mound. 

Ohhh boy, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun season, even more fun than it already has been. We may even see the rivalry get back to, or at least close to, its early 2000’s status. And if we’re really lucky, we’ll get to see a 2004 ALCS rematch. 

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