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Jackie Bradley Jr. Can Fly

Two Red Sox articles in a row, I know I know, but I just had to write about this Jackie Bradley Jr. catch. In Saturday’s game against the Orioles, JBJ once again proved that he can fly. Watch this insane catch.

Do NOT hit the ball anywhere near this man, because you will be severely disappointed. Bradley isn’t in the spotlight too often cause his bat isn’t the best, but boy can he field. He knows Fenway like the back of his hand, and there’s nobody I’d rather have out there, although Coco Crisp is a contender. 

I actually thought he broke his wrist on this catch, my god. Even though I know he didn’t, I still cringe when I see his arm turn every time I watch this. That’s JBJ though, willing to sacrifice limbs to make plays. That’s the kind of effort you want to see from your players. Whatever he lacks with the bat, he certainly makes up for it on the field. 

Here’s his 2017 highlights. Enjoy:


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