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Bregman Hits A 5-Foot Walkoff

Usually walkoffs are a home run or a solid double or single, but not for Alex Bregman. He won the game for the Astros Tuesday night when he hit a 5-foot grounder in front of the plate. Yes, you heard me right.

Lucroy needs to be better. First of all, he should have made the tag. Secondly, he has to make a good throw to first. Whether it was nerves or just a pure error, Lucroy needs to be so much better on that play. 

That being said, Olson has to make a better effort to catch the ball at first, even if it brings him off of the bag. If he catches that, the run doesn’t score and the Athletics would have still been in it. He didn’t even try to catch it which just confuses me. 

The Athletics just need to be better than that if they want to win, especially against teams like the Astros.

Here is Alex Bregman’s other infield walkoff; this time against the Royals.

Pro-tip: When Alex Bregman has a chance to walk it off, bring the infield in.

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