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Carlos Gomez vs Gatorade Coolers

America can finally rejoice. 

Carlos Gomez went all George Brett pine tarring on the Tampa Bay Ray’s Gatorade-labeled water cooler on the Fourth of July. It was a great holiday for everyone except J.J. Gatorade IV, founder of Gatorade, and the entire Gatorade flesh and electrolytes. 

These are some reasons why Carlos Gomez smashed a water cooler and made today the greatest fourth of July since 1776.

He mistook it for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! 

He stubbed his toe

He woke on the wrong side of the batter’s box

He was tired

He’s a new character in Super Smash Bros

He was hangry

He wants to move on to UFC 

He just lost his cool, it’s happened to the best of us, if you haven’t smashed a Gatorade cooler or several in your past then you simply haven’t lived and have probably had a boring life and I don’t really want to get to know you, let’s just go our own ways - Yours Truly, Carlos

He legitimately thought it was a Hit-A-Way Swing Trainer 

What did the water cooler do to Carlos Gomez?
Created 7/4/18
  1. Didn't properly cool his water
  2. Forgot his birthday
  3. Was Gatorade instead of Powerade (Carlos Gomez is a Powerade and Pepsi drinker)
  4. Looked at him cross-eyed

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