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Javy Baez Slides for Humanity

Javy Baez wants to slide for you in 2018. Slide right to match with Javy and find true love. This was the first slide of Javy Baez’s life.

These are some things that Javy Baez slide is reminiscent of.

An otter escaping a great white shark

A showdown between two angry Betta Fish fighting over who their favorite member of ‘Nsync (if you don’t like Joey Fatone then f*** you…whoa, sorry I lost my cool there in the heat of the moment…alright, it’s all good here, I just need sit in front of my humidifier with a People magazine from 1999, a canteen of Axe body spray and a Ziploc baggie stocked to the brim full of frosted tips and broken dreams for a bit, thank you for understanding) 

A fireworks show

One of the wolves from The Grey stalking Liam Neeson or vice versa (I just picked up the Vice Versa platinum credit card to get extra rewards points on my airline mileage) 

Tim Kurkjian’s baseball analysis with his corkscrew sense of humor sprinkled on top

Dippin Dots

Twitter’s impression activity technology

Where did Baez learn how to do this slide?
Created 7/5/18
  1. His coaches
  2. Watching Nicolas Cage movies
  3. He was born with it; his entrance into the world was similar
  4. He watches a lot of film and takes good notes

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