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Little Leaguer Does His Best Bryce Harper

Remember when Bryce Harper had an epic comeback in the Home Run Derby and won it like this? 

Well, Little Leaguer Aukai Kea of Hawaii imitated his idol Friday night after hitting a walk-off homer in the 11th inning to beat Georgia in the opening round. 

This is just so cool. I remember as a kid imitating my favorite player’s stances in the backyard. I especially enjoyed doing Gary Sheffield and Kevin Youkilis’ weird stances. Of course, the nation wasn’t watching me as it’s watching 13 year-old Aukai Kea imitate Bryce Harper, which is why this is so damn cool. 

Kea is a very talented player, and also made this play the other night.

This kid is pretty skilled, and if he stays as good as he’s been, he might be squaring off against a veteran Bryce Harper down the road. 

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