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Is Derrick Rose Worth His Contract?


While Derrick Rose is clearly one of the best players in the world when healthy, is he worth keeping for the Bulls?

Derrick Rose is one of the best players in the world    when healthy.  Anyone would absolutely love to have a healthy Rose on their team. Keyword: healthy.  Rose, who missed the majority of last season (and previous seasons), has already missed a handful of games during this young season which leads me to think, is he worth his contract?  

Sure, Rose is great to have, but with other potential franchise players like Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah, is Rose worth keeping around for the Chicago Bulls?  Point guard is arguably the most important position in basketball, but if you have two quality big men, as the Bulls do in Gasol and Noah, then having a mediocre PG becomes manageable.  

They don’t need a superstar, they just need someone who can facilitate an offense.  A great deal of players can do that, especially when on a team that already has good players in place.

So, would the Bulls be better off spending the millions of dollars they give to Rose, who doesn’t play every game, on another one, two, or, dare I say, three players?  I say, yes.  It has come to the point where the Bulls have yet to get to the NBA Finals with Rose and this is the year I thought they could do it, but Rose is injured, again.  How can anyone have faith in a team that has an injured and injury-prone point guard?  

I say, if the Bulls don’t make the NBA Finals this year, it’s time for change.  Rose has proven to be one of the best players, maybe the best point guard, in the league; yet, he’s also proven to be the most unreliable player    end of story.  Having an unreliable player as the face of your franchise is rough and Bulls fans have seen that first-hand.  Investing in the future and acquiring a couple of decent, young players would prove to be more beneficial then keeping an unreliable veteran around.  

Bringing in a young point guard and pairing them with Noah and Gasol could potentially work wonders!  Rose himself is irreplaceable, but by getting new players you could improve the team chemistry and youth.  If the Bulls are going to be the ones to beat the Cavs come playoff time in the East, they are going to need to have a decent point guard that they are used to playing with.  

They cannot choose a starter day-by-day; it simply will not work.  Not only that, in the long-term, you cannot have a day-to-day PG, you need a player who can maintain a constant presence on the court.  

I feel bad for Rose, I really do.  I respect the heck out of him because he is a class act and means well, but sitting out all of these games, to me, is inexcusable.  He has said he is thinking about life after basketball.  Well, the millions of dollars he’s getting to sit on the bench are a complete waste.  

It is time for the Bulls to start thinking about life after Rose and get rid of him to find a better combination of players.  It wouldn’t exactly be hard to build a team around Noah and Gasol, and Chicago is a desirable place to play in the NBA; it is finally time for some change.

Do you think the Bulls should keep Rose?  Comment below.

Edited by Alan Carabes.

Where did Derrick Rose go to college?
Created 11/17/14
  1. Kentucky
  2. Kansas
  3. Memphis
  4. Other

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