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NBA Q: Which rookie will have the best fantasy numbers?

A lot of people are expecting Jabari Parker, a NBA-ready scorer, to put up good fantasy numbers on a still bad (but improving) Bucks team. However, Nerlens Noel is the top fantasy rookie in this year's class. Brett Brown will ease Noel into the rotation, but once he's a fixture in it (which shouldn't take long) he's going to produce in a bunch of categories, notably rebounds, field goal percentage, blocks and steals. I wouldn't be surprised if Noel averaged over a block and over a steal per game, an extremely valuable combination for fantasy owners. Also, the Sixers will again be tanking, meaning that stats are going to be jacked up (*hint hint* MCW). Thus, all signs point to a big fantasy year for Nerlens Noel. 

Answered by: Robert Hess, Peter Hess, Sam Gordon
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