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Steve Nash Gives Vulgar 3-Word Description of Kobe Bryant

Kobe and Nash both have the utmost respect for each other. But in a weird way? Reuters

In this week’s edition of Sports Illustrated, Chris Ballard wrote a cover story on Kobe Bryant. Ballard revealed many fascinating stories about Kobe, including his trip to China this past summer. Kobe’s a big fan of China, which is a bigger fan of Kobe; in fact, he’s visited China nine out of the last 15 years. 

Back in the states, Kobe’s been working out extensively and trying to prove all the doubters wrong. At 36, he’s attempting to carry the Lakers improbably into the playoffs. One of the players that could help him in this seemingly impossible run is the 40-year-old Steve Nash.

In an attempt to gather different perspectives, Gotham Chopra, the director of Kobe’s upcoming Showtime documentary, asked many of Kobe’s past and current teammates to describe Kobe in three words. Most of Kobe’s teammates described him as the typical “the ultimate competitor” or “killer instinct,” but Steve Nash gave an intriguing description of Kobe. 

From the SI article by Ballard: 

After thinking for a moment, Nash answered, slowly, in three beats: ‘Mother…f******…a******.’ 

Kobe thought this was awesome.” 

Clearly, Kobe took Nash’s comment as a compliment because he knows he fits that description very well. On the other hand, Nash understands Kobe and what he’s trying to accomplish with his competitive nature. Kobe’s known for getting into feuds with teammates in the past, such as Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard, and even Smush Parker. But he does it because his competitiveness gets the best of him.

And that’s why we love him.

Our Take
Bobby Eghbali
NBA Contributor, NFL Contributor

I love this. I love it a lot. Kobe and Nash are both incredible players and understand each other. Everyone knows that Kobe is competitive, hard-working, and tough-as-nails, but the way Nash put it is the best. He is indeed what Nash said, but that’s what makes him Kobe! If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the same player he is known as around the league as well. Kobe is arrogant, and Kobe knows Kobe is great. He also holds his teammates accountable to being great, which is why he has developed into one of the best leaders as well.

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