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SQ Exclusive Interview With The Indiana Pacers’ Solomon Hill

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Solomon Hill loves seeing the fresh faces from Arizona make it to the NBA.

At the Drew League—LA’s pro-am league—NBA players tend to make appearances. In this past year’s competition, Team LAUNFD took home the chip with the help of none other than James Harden—you know, the NBA’s MVP runner-up.

But throughout league play, one team emerged with a whole squad of NBA talent. Team ICEO, led by Detroit Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson and center Andre Drummond, also had fellow Arizona Wildcats Derrick Williams and Solomon Hill.

One unique aspect of the professionals at the Drew is that they come from all avenues of the NBA landscape: from MVP candidate Harden to rookie Johnson; from an old head legend like Baron Davis to an up-and-coming player like Hill. 

Hill will be 25 years old by the end of next season, but it’ll only mark three years in the league for him. A four-year player at Arizona under coach Sean Miller, Hill came on strong as a upperclassman, averaging over 13 points per game in his last two seasons.

He shot 39% from three during those two years, attacked the boards and sought out his teammates with nearly three assists per game. Those qualities led to being a first round pick of the Indiana Pacers in 2013.

The Pacers then, of course, were the greatest force to LeBron James and the Miami Heat, so playing time was hard to come by for Hill. But just like in college, Hill got better as time passed, and he took full advantage of the unfortunate injury to Paul George.

Starting in 78 of Indy’s 82 games last year, Hill really developed as a strong 3-and-D option for Frank Vogel and should be a vital cog for a Pacer team looking to return to the postseason in 2016.

Hill took some time to chat after a recent game at the Drew League to discuss his summer, the return of Paul George and the Arizona Wildcat basketball family: 

Edited by Emily Berman, Jazmyn Brown.

Who drafted Solomon Hill in 2013?
Created 8/10/15
  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Phoenix Suns
  3. Indiana Pacers
  4. Detroit Pistons

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