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Dwight Howard Dabs on Jeremy Lin

If you were wondering if 2017 would be the year dabbing dies, I am sorry to report that it is still very much alive and well. During a matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets, Dwight Howard made sure everyone was fully aware that the dance move is far from over. Howard went in like he was reaching for a handshake with former teammate and now opponent, Jeremy Lin, but instead threw him a dab.

The jokester’s move proves that dabbing isn’t dead after all, and continues to be pretty funny in 2017. I’m sure Jim Harbaugh will be happy to hear that his favorite dance move is still “hip.” Howard was able to back up his shade thrown at Lin, by leading the Hawks to a 117-97 victory over the Nets. Hopefully, the two were able to set aside there differences and squeeze and actual handshake in there too, and hopefully the people sitting around Lin in the video lightened up a little bit.

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