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The 76ers Are Bribing Media Members With Shirley Temples

The 76ers rookie Joel Embiid is campaigning extremely hard to get into the 2017 NBA All-Star game. The extremely beloved rookie has already gotten a large amount of fan votes, and is only waiting for verification from the media members and his peers to decide his fate in the All-Star game. In order to help persuade the media members to vote for Embiid, the 76ers are sending the media their own Shirley Temple kits, which are Joel Embiid’s favorite drinks.

In case you didn’t believe the fact that a grown man loves Shirley Temples, here is a segment from a ride-along interview that Embiid did with Vice Sports where he professes his love for the sweet concoction.

The stand out rookie has also posted several tweets further cementing his love for good old Shirley, and apparently has even been frustrated a few times with subpar Shirley temples.

This is serious stuff, folks. The Sixers are also featuring Shirley Temples at Wells Fargo Center in honor of Embiid on Wednesday for their home game against the Knicks. I wish Joel all the best in his quest to make the All-Star game, and plenty of Shirley Temples along the way! You have my vote.

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