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Joel Embiid Has ZERO Respect For Hassan Whiteside

In the pettiest league in sports (the NBA), there are plenty of individual rivalries. There’s now a budding big man rivalry developing in the Eastern Conference. Yesterday, in the preseason showdown between the Heat and the Sixers, Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside were battling down low from the first whistle. 

Embiid, who doesn’t think anyone in the league can guard him, quickly drew THREE fouls on Whiteside. After the third foul was called on the Heat center, he signaled over to the Heat bench for them to take him out of the game in an all time petty move. 

The Sixers ended up winning the game and afterwards, Joel did what he does best: take to Twitter.

He then went on Instagram to add to the disrespect of Whiteside.

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The beef between the two centers stems from last season when Whiteside appeared to take a shot at Embiid by saying that All Star voting was a joke and that players just make jokes on Twitter to get votes.

I love Joel Embiid. I think he’s one of the most fun players in the league, on and off the court. However, with all of the talking he’s doing, hopefully he can stay on the court and back it up this season. Too bad we’ll have to wait until Valentine’s Day to see the loveless duo of Embiid and Whiteside face off this season.

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