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The Cavaliers’ Arthur Meme Plot Thickens

To meme, or not to meme- that is the question. A very important question brought up by a post by LeBron James last week, when he put the classic Arthur clenched fist meme on his Instagram with the caption “Mood…” 

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Many interpreted this to be an expression of frustration at Kyrie Irving’s performance for the Boston Celtics against the Atlanta Hawks, where Irving put up 35 points to help his team to victory. Comparing the Celtics’ 12-2 record against the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 7-7 record this season makes a good case for the theory. 

But that would be too easy. Instead, James denied the theory by making another post which suggested that he intended the clenched fist to imply an expression of triumph. Only here’s the problem: We weren’t born yesterday. We know what the Arthur clenched fist means. The frustration in the image can’t be ignored.

Despite James’ desire to not share his true intentions, or maybe because of it, the Arthur memes have continued. Last night they struck again. The rest of the team joined in last night, after their 104-101 victory over the New York Knicks. It turns out that the rivalry between the Cavs and the Knicks needed a little Arthur to keep things interesting. 

Some members of the team shared happy Arthur memes following their win:


I like to see everyone coming together over a nice set of memes. Teamwork is a beautiful thing. The rest of us can only watch and wish our memes would get this much attention. 

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