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The Cleveland Cavaliers Took The Subway

After their shoot around at Madison Square Garden yesterday, members of the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t take a team bus back to the hotel. Instead, they headed to Penn Station (which is underneath Madison Square Garden), and hopped on a subway.

This isn’t a fancy mode of transportation, especially for an NBA team, but the decision was actually pretty logical. Considering the amount of traffic in Manhattan, it becomes clear that taking the subway is certainly the way to go.

On the ride, Cavaliers superstar Lebron James decided to record a video to document the experience. Many people, whether a Cavaliers fan or not, would be thrilled to have Lebron James sitting right next to them. However, the commuter sitting next to James wanted no part of the four-time MVP’s video. 

It really seemed like he didn’t even know who James was. If that’s true, it would be quite ironic. After all, New York City is rich in basketball history.  

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