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The Inevitable Showdown We’ve All Been Waiting For: Lavar Ball Vs. Donald Trump

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 has been a pretty crazy year. If you asked me a few weeks ago what would be the most iconic but not surprising 2017 showdown, it’d be Lavar Ball against Donald Trump and of course, here we are. When the three UCLA players who were arrested for shoplifting, including LiAngelo Ball, returned to the United States, they thanked the President for helping them get home.

However, when asked about the situation, Lavar did what he does best, stir the pot.

Of course, President Trump wasn’t going to let anyone slight him so he responded.

This is really the showdown that 2017 deserves, right? The two supernova egos going after each other and of course, Twitter loves it.

I don’t even want this feud to end like this, I NEED THIS. Let’s get these two in the ring in WrestleMania.

They both have experience in the ring.

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So like I said in my tweet, make it happen, WWE. This is what 2017 wants, needs, and deserves.

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