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The TNT Bulls Broke Marcus Smart Last Night

As a Bulls fan I could brag and say I knew this team was capable of something special. I could’ve said that their record doesn’t reflect their talent, that Hoiberg isn’t a total hack, and that Jimmy Butler could carry this team to the Eastern Conference Finals.

But I won’t, because no one is more surprised about the Bulls being up 2-0 on the 1-seeded Celtics than Bulls fans. I was surprised to even make the playoffs in the first place, but happy at least that we weren’t going to get bounced by Lebron & Friends in the first round like always. 

As it stands, however, now the Bulls have a stranglehold on the series as they go home to the United Center for games 3 and 4. Jimmy is playing like Jimmy. D Wade is playing like he still has knees. Rondo is playing as if his career hasn’t been a dumpster fire for the last five seasons. Bobby Portis, Paul Zipser, and Robin Lopez are playing as if Michael Jordan has vowed to sacrifice them to the basketball gods if they didn’t will this Bulls team out of the first round. It’s been an amazing run so far, though I still believe a collapse is inevitable for this team once they start playing games not broadcast on TNT. At the very least the Bulls are numbing some of the pain that comes with watching the 1-seeded Blackhawks forget how to play hockey this postseason.

On the other side of things, it has got to be frustrating for the Celtics in this series so far, fans and players, and the ladder was put on full display in game 2. Marcus Smart at one point threw up a brick, and as he ran back on defense decided to flip the bird at a Celtics fan that must have been heckling him from the sideline.

Marcus Smart is broken. The Celtics are broken. Bulls in 6. 

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