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Cavs Continue To Ignore Requests From The Magic

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David Griffin, the general manager of the defending champion Cavaliers, has proven himself as one of the better GMs in the NBA with many savvy moves in his tenure. Because of his success, other teams want Griffin to swoop in (like the mythical creature with which he shares a name) and rebuild their team on the fly.

The Orlando Magic have been interested in interviewing Griffin since late April, and since he is still currently employed by the Cavs, the Magic had to put in a formal request to talk to him this summer. The organization is without a true GM after the firing of Rob Hennigan, and they made the news for all the wrong reasons with their “free agent whiteboard” incident.

 However, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has never responded to the requests of the Magic on this matter. Griffin’s contract expires this June, and Gilbert and the Cavs have yet to make any sort of extension offer toward Griffin. There is speculation that the Cavs are hoping Orlando will move on and hire someone else, thus making it easier for Cleveland to retain Griffin.

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Wyatt Nail
Junior Reporter, General NBA Reporter

It would be interesting to see Griffin working with a team mired in ineptitude like the Magic.

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