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If You’re A Diehard NBA Fan, You Need To Be Following These Accounts On Twitter

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The offseason can be entertaining if you’re following the right people.

Viral entertainment fuels the NBA. From a Stephen Curry three to a LeBron James dunk, the league prides itself on offering some of the best content in the world. While there is no doubting that the main entertainment happens on the court, the league inadvertently creates a spectacle off the court as well. This stems from constant media attention, through countless websites and social media platforms. However, there is one platform that bests all other outlets if you’re seeking the best and most captivating NBA content.

Say what you want about the Twitter website and mobile app, but they have helped transform the NBA in ways that seemed impossible 10 years ago. This transformation is what has turned the NBA into the “fun league” and the NFL into the “no fun league.” Whether you enjoy using Twitter or not, below are five accounts that you should be following. 

The five accounts on this list are comprised of reporters, teams and personalities across the league. There is not a definite order to this list; however, I view our first account as the user that trumps all accounts on Twitter. His is the only account that I have notifications turned on for.

1. Rob Perez aka Wob

Unlike the majority of this list, “Wob” gives you a bit of everything. He is extremely knowledgeable about basketball and is very passionate about the game. But he will never shy away from making you burst into laughter while endlessly scrolling through your feed while at work.

As the NBA season progresses, Wob changes his name constantly to something that fits the current vibe of the league at that given time. For example, at the trade deadline and draft season this year, Wob changed his name to “An Agent of NBA Chaos.” When Wob changes his name and profile picture, you know something crazy is about to happen. This is a knockoff of the Joker’s line from The Dark Knight back in 2008, where the late Heath Ledger tells Harvey Dent, ”I’m an agent of chaos.” 

These fun little things that Wob does is what separates him from the rest of the pack. He’ll make you laugh, but he’ll also give you some really good insight on the state of the league. I could write an entire piece on everything he does to interact with his followers.

2. Adrian Wojnarowski aka Woj 

All hail the king. The creator of the “Woj bomb” and arguably the most well-known reporter across the league, Woj is the Adam Schefter of the NBA. If there are any major stories developing in the NBA, there’s a really good chance that Woj was the first one to find out about it and proceed to tweet about it. 

Prior to July 1, Woj was featured on The Vertical, a branch of Yahoo Sports that focused entirely on the NBA. He helped grow The Vertical into something much greater than just a website; it became the go-to choice for all things NBA

However, that growth wouldn’t have been possible without the “Woj bombs.” The bombs are tweets that create madness across the league. His most recent bomb (prior to leaving The Vertical) was announcing that star point guard Chris Paul had been traded to the already ferocious Houston Rockets.

However, in addition to the madness that Woj creates with the bombs, there is one other reason why you should make sure you’re hitting that follow button. He keeps it nice and clean. So if you’re more of a traditional style Twitter user but want to see a little parody come through your feed, Woj is a must-follow. 

3. Shams Charania 

I wish I knew what they were doing at The Vertical, but it’s got to be something good. After Woj’s departure from the website to join ESPN, Shams stepped right in as their number-one guy and proved he wasn’t messing around. Woj officially began working for ESPN on July 1 at midnight and could not tweet until that time. With the playing field wide open, Shams came in and dropped Blake Griffin’s deal with the Clippers. 

Since that tweet on June 30, Shams has gained some major steam on his predecessor. He continues to release information before Woj, which is very impressive considering he has a tenth of the followers Woj has. 

So if you want to be apart of the ever-growing Shams revolution, now is the time while he’s still just picking up steam. 

4. Portland Trail Blazers 

When the account description reads, ”Hot tweets straight outta Rip City,” you know they’re going to be spitting fire. There are plenty of teams in the four major sports that use Twitter in a more comedic than traditional sense, but nobody does it like the Blazers. After their trade to send Tim Quarterman to Houston, Portland welcomed their newest addition to Rip City: cash considerations.

The creativity of the Blazers’ social team earned an A+ for this tweet because it created a hilarious mini-story on Twitter.

I enjoy accounts like the Blazers because they don’t try to make everything look so pretty. When I look at the Blazers’ tweets I feel as if somebody actually enjoys crafting the tweets, and they aren’t just being churned out by some cog in the system who was thrown onto the social media team. 

5. Shea Serrano 

Shea is a jack of all trades. He has the credibility of being a staff writer for The Ringer, and the humor of a Wob. There isn’t really more you can ask for when looking for personalities to follow on Twitter. Like many writers at The Ringer, he tweets about more than just basketball.

Shea is very big on pop culture, movies, and especially music. In fact, according to his bio, he is a New York Times bestselling author of The Rap Year Book.

This has been one of the more exciting offseasons in recent years and a major part of why that has been the case is because of the incredible content being shared on NBA Twitter. 

This is important because we are currently going through the worst part of the sports calendar. Baseball is and always will be America’s pastime, but there’s only so much that we can get out of it. Twitter provides sports nuts that platform that we so desperately need in the summer. However, I’m all for jumping right to late October and starting off what is going to be a crazy season in the NBA, and on NBA Twitter.

Edited by Jazmyn Brown, David Kaptzan.

Who was the first NBA team to use Twitter?
Created 7/9/17
  1. Indiana Pacers
  2. Atlanta Hawks
  3. Golden State Warriors
  4. Sacramento Kings

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