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Jonathon Simmons Becomes UFA After Spurs Renounce Rights

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San Antonio Spurs guard Jonathon Simmons is now an unrestricted free agent after the team renounced his rights since the two sides could not reach an agreement on a new deal, per The Vertical’s Shams Charania.

Unfortunately for Simmons, it appears that his value in this year’s free agent market has not been as high as originally suspected. With many restricted free agents being unable to draw interest due to cap space drying up around the league, restricted players searching for new, larger contracts have been put in difficult positions.

Simmons helped the Spurs in a key bench role last season, playing in 78 games, and starting eight of those games.

The Houston product took strides over the course of the 2016-17 season as he averaged 6.2 points in 17.8 minutes during the regular season, but went on to average 10.5 points in 20.4 minutes during 15 postseason appearances.

When Spurs star Kawhi Leonard suffered an injury during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Simmons was able to step into a bigger role for the team, and excelled.

There’s no clear destination for Simmons now as it has been reported that the wing has been in talks with multiple teams. However, the Spurs have still been engaging in discussions to convince the former D-League standout to return to the team.

After going undrafted in 2012, Simmons’ NBA career began as a member of the Austin Spurs, San Antonio’s D-League affiliate. There, he was able to showcase his talent, and eventually signed a contract with the Spurs in 2015. 

Our Take
Ross Burkhart
Junior Reporter, General NBA Reporter

Simmons is a modern day success story in the NBA, and I would love to see him stay with San Antonio, where he seems to have found a prominent role in their rotation. If he can build off of his success from last season though, he certainly has potential to be a serious factor on whatever team he’s a part of next season.

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