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The Biggest Rivalry In Sports…Twitter

Yankees-Red Sox. Celtics-Lakers. UNC-Duke. Ohio State-Michigan. All of these great sports rivalries can’t compare to the newest great sports rivalry: Woj vs. Shams.

When he was with the Vertical, Adrian Wojnarowski was the king of NBA Scoops. If there was a big NBA story, chances are Woj was breaking it with a WOJ BOMB. The NBA Trade Deadline and start of NBA free agency were Woj-Mas. 

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However, recently Woj left the Vertical for ESPN and he has been off his game a little bit. His heir apparent at the Vertical, Shams Charania, has beaten him on a bunch of scoops. This has caused many to ask if Shams is the new Woj. Whenever, Shams beats Woj on a scoop, the internet is quick to bring the fire to him.

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As an avid fan of NBA Twitter, I love nothing more than this newly found rivalry between Woj and Shams. I sometimes wonder if they know what’s going on with the scoop war. 

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