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Kyrie Watches Steph Do The LeBron Challenge

It’s been pretty well documented that Kyrie is not happy with LeBron and the Cavs. It’s also been pretty well documented that Steph Curry and the Warriors are not too fond of LeBron and the Cavs. Therefore, it was only right that when Steph and Kyrie were together at Harrison Barnes’ wedding that there was some trolling and pettiness.Β 

During a dance circle at the wedding, Steph began doing the #LeBronChallenge where he imitates LeBron’s infamous Instagram workout routines while Kyrie watches and encourages him.Β 

This is just a friendly reminder that NBA Offseason is incredible and Petty Warz are real. I can’t wait until the regular season when LeBron and Kyrie play against each other and it gets super ugly.

I beg to differ Kyrie but no one is complaining about your pettiness.

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