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Lil’ B Threatens And Apparently Lifts The Based God Curse From Lonzo Ball

Every quote that has come from any member of the Ball family over the last six months has become news. In a recent interview, Lonzo Ball said that no one listens to Nas anymore and that he isn’t real Hip-Hop.

Lonzo was dragged for this comment by many in the NBA and hip-hop communities. Of course, when we’re talking NBA and hip-hop, Lil’ B the Based God joined the debate and threatened to put the “Based God Curse” on Lonzo and the Lakers.

Later in the day, LaMelo Ball tweeted about being a big Lil’ B fan. As a result, Lil’ B tweeted back asking for forgiveness. It seems that LaMelo has saved his brother from getting cursed like Kevin Durant and James Harden in the past.

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