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Joel Embiid Being Named An All-Star Starter And “Moving On” From Rihanna Is An Inspiration To Men Everywhere

No one kills the NBA Twitter game quite like Joel Embiid. We’re all familiar with his #TrustTheProcess tweets and his trolling of other NBA stars. However, one of his original claims to NBA Twitter fame was him publicly courting Rihanna when he first entered the league.  

However, he quickly learned a disappointing thing about Rihanna’s dating standards (not confirmed by Rihanna).

As serious injuries kept him on the sideline for the first two, and much of the third, seasons of his career, there might have been a little doubt creeping into the head of Joel if he would ever meet these qualifications to win over Rihanna.

However, as Joel has remained fairly healthy this season, he’s been one of the best big men in the league. The combination of his play and popularity culminated in him being voted as an Eastern Conference All-Star starter. When this was announced, you know NBA Twitter remembered about what Rihanna (allegedly) said over three years ago.

After the Sixers big win over the Celtics on TNT, Embiid was asked by Kristen Ledlow about this tweet from three years ago and whether he had anything to say to “anyone” now that he has been named an All-Star. To everyone’s surprise, he said that since he rejected him before, that he was going to move on and it was amazing.

While this was an iconic moment for NBA Twitter, this should be an inspirational moment to men everywhere. If an NBA All-Star can move on from someone who has turned him down, we all can. The great philosopher Mike Jones had some famous words regarding a situation like this.

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