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Paul Pierce Does Not Want To Share His Special Night With Isaiah Thomas

You don’t propose to your girlfriend at someone else’s wedding. Why not? Because it’s not cool. It’s not cool to steal someone’s special night and make it about you. No one wants to have their special moment taken away from them. That’s why I think Paul Pierce’s request is- wait for it- actually reasonable. 

February 11th is an important day for Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce. After 15 seasons playing for the team, the player is having his jersey number retired that night. It’ll be a big night for him. Unfortunately, the timing works out just perfectly for it to be someone else’s night too. 

Isaiah Thomas is returning to Boston to play the Celtics now that he’s playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since many Boston fans still have a place in their hearts for Thomas, the team is going to show a tribute video in his honor. It was supposed to be shown during yesterday’s Celtics vs. Cavaliers game, but Thomas was still recovering from a hip injury and wasn’t going to play. So he asked if his video could be shown the next time the Cavaliers play in Boston, on February 11th. Uh oh. Pierce prefers that this… not happen. 

Personally, I get it. After 15 years with a team, it’s not hard to see why Pierce would want his own night. There are others who disagree, especially considering that Pierce said he’d like his own jersey retirement to be like Kobe Bryant’s, where the Lakers showed videos of Bryant throughout the game. Some people didn’t appreciate Pierce comparing himself to Bryant. Others just really don’t like Pierce. 

Pierce has his defenders too. 

It’ll be interesting to see what happens on that night. Getting a jersey retired is an honor whether another player’s tribute video is played or not, and hopefully Pierce will enjoy the night no matter what. But we’ll have more material to write about if he throws a big fit, so I’ll take it either way. 

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