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Blake Griffin vs The Refs Part 2

NBA referees are giving out technical fouls like Oprah Winfrey. You get a foul, you get a foul, everybody gets a foul. Its really starting to pile up and tonight gave us one of the most avoidable and ridiculous technical fouls I’ve seen. Blake Griffin, frustrated with the previous call by the referee, proceeds to bounce the ball off the head of Hawks Point Guard Dennis Schroder. This gives Schroder a free trip to the charity stripe, all while Blake Griffin is just beside himself. Its easy to look at this and simply hate on the ref but my real problem lies with Blake Griffin. The rift between players and referees is at an all time high and you go and do this. Intentional or not, you can’t honestly expect the refs not to call that. Your already not their favorites list after this little incident 

Cmon Blake.

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