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Jason Terry Blows in Lance Stephenson’s Ear

First things first, it’s 2018 and I just used Jason Terry in a headline. When you’re an aging (40 year-old) NBA player, you might need something up your sleeve to compete with the younger guys. Jason Terry seemed to think so too…

You have to love this move. Everybody remembers the famous ear-blowing incident between Stephenson and Lebron during the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. Jason Terry clearly did, and he gave the Pacers’ grinder a little bit of his own medicine here. Stephenson is known as a defensive pest who will do anything to get under the skin of the opponent, but people forget that he can score a little bit too. He got back at Jason Terry later on on the game with this 3-pointer.

 While the interesting ear tactic worked for Stephenson and the Pacers back in 2014, it wasn’t enough to lift the Bucks past the original ear-blower tonight as they lost the game 89-92. 

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