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Gregg Popovich Was In Rare Form

Sometimes, after a team wins a big game, the players will give their head coach a Gatorade bath. However, players on the San Antonio Spurs should think twice before drenching Gregg Popovich with Gatorade.

After the Spurs got whooped in Game 1 of their playoff matchup with the Golden State Warriors, Popovich wasn’t too pleased with the Gatorade bottle he found at his press conference.

For Popovich’s sake, it’s a good thing he mentioned that his antics regarding Gatorade were just a joke. After all, the NBA does have a major partnership with Gatorade. As many basketball fans know, the NBA’s minor league is called the Gatorade League (G-League).

Popovich’s mood would sink from there, and this is how the press conference concluded…

If the Spurs lose Game 2 tonight, the reporters at Popovich’s postgame press conference better watch out.

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