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Metta World Peace Proposes Drake As Toronto Raptors’ Next Head Coach

Friends lift each other up when they’re down. Maybe that means your friends buy you a beer when you have a bad day at work, or they convince you to make a pact to kill each other’s bosses. Oh wait, that’s the plot of Horrible Bosses. Please don’t try that at home. But if you’re looking for some solid friendship inspiration, look to Metta World Peace‘s support for Drake. 

Former NBA star and current coach of the LA Lakers’ affiliate G League team, the South Bay Lakers, Metta World Peace knows a lot about basketball. He liked Drake enough to ignore that knowledge entirely and suggest that rapper Drake, who has no recorded coaching history, should take over as the new head coach of the Toronto Raptors. via SlamOnline

The support from his pal is what Drake needs right now. He officially unfollowed (I know, stop the presses) former friend and love interest Rihanna after she shared in an interview that they no longer have a friendship. Clearly it’s time for the guy to start coaching basketball. Not alone, though. Metta World Peace continued that Drake could do it “if he had the right staff.” 

He might want to make sure that staff is really talented. The Raptors’ former coach, Dwane Casey, was fired at the end of this season despite the honor of being the National Basketball Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year and finishing the season with the best record in the Eastern Conference. Casey just couldn’t get past the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last two years’ postseasons. 

So all Drake has to do is figure out how to get past LeBron James. He can do that, right?

Maybe Metta World Peace should consider just buying Drake a beer. 

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